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Beef cattle and dairy cattle stock-raising business.

Limited liability company “DTPS” is searching for a partner who is ready to invest funds in the construction of a cost-effective diversified stock-raising farm for three thousand cattle in Krasnoyarsk territory. The stock-raising farm is planned according to the modern cattle-keeping technologies. Within this project, the following aims are also to fulfill: cattle manure biogas production; a housing estate construction with a well-developed infrastructure; development of favorable working conditions for both specialists and interns in the rural area. All these aims will create a positive and prestigious image of rural areas.

We have property of land of 30 hectares (74 acres approximately) for the structures building within 40 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk in the environmentally safe place. We have an opportunity to use additional 500 hectares of land (1,235 acres approximately) as forage resources. Power consumption technical specifications for building have already been received. The cost of the project is 900 million roubles. This project is supported by the administration of Krasnoyarsk territory.

Investor’s (partner’s) share in the project financing is 100 %. Investor’s (partner’s) share in the management is 50 %. Investor’s payback share is 50 % of net profit monthly during the whole investing period. Payback period and investing period are from 7 up to 9 years. Terms of co-operation can be changed or supplemented by agreement due to long-term co-operation.
If you are interested and agree on the terms, we can provide a detailed business plan of the project.




Наша компания на протяжении многих лет оказывает транспортно-экспедиционные услуги на железнодорожном транспорте, в связи с этим мы имеем возможность поставлять большой ассортимент сырья для цементных заводов, металлургических комбинатов, ТЭЦ, а также лесоматериалов Сибирской тайги для крупных перерабатывающих предприятий по прямым контрактам, минуя посреднические схемы, которые увеличивают стоимость и сроки выполнения контрактов поставки.